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Tools, trainings, and Step-By-Step planning resources for Getting elected. Because the best thing you can do to fight back against Donald Trump is RUN — for office.


As Donald Trump tightens his grip on the Republicans' largest partisan majority since 1928, a lot of Democrats are asking: how did this happen? And what can we do now, to fight back against Trump, to protect the progress we’ve made, and to rebuild the party that stands up for every American?

The old guard of Democratic Party insiders are gathering in Washington to try and answer those questions. But we don’t have to wait for them. This is our party, and our democracy. We can get to work right now. 

Since the election, hundreds of thousands of Americans are taking steps to get more involved in public service. Many want to know one simple thing: how to run for office. In an era of hyper-information, the basic building blocks of a political campaign somehow remain locked behind closed doors.

We can change that. Running for office isn’t rocket science, but it helps if you know where to start. That’s why we’re collecting and publishing professional campaign tools, trainings, and planning resources: materials that any citizen can use to plan, organize, and win a campaign.


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DIY Democracy

We are building an open, accessible, crowd-sourced collection of campaign resources to make the process of running for office more transparent and inclusive.

Next Dems is a space where people can share the basics, collaborate, guide, and improve our tactics: how to run for office and how to win.





Let's Get To Work



We’re a small group of campaign veterans who care a whole lot about what happens in Trump’s America.  For the past 10 years we’ve worked on Democratic campaigns at all levels, from city council to presidential races, in states and municipalities across the country. We don’t think for an instant that we know best, and we believe the process of running should be more open and transparent.


Free, Open, Fair Recruitment

Right now, candidate recruitment is done largely by the Democratic state parties, by national committees in Washington, and by professional consultants. Let’s face it — it’s not going so well.

We need to break down the entry barriers and make running for office less of an inside job. Campaigns cut from the same old cloth by the same old strategists are not working. We need new ideas, new energy, and new leaders. As Democrats, we must encourage and support new candidates — now more than ever before.



In the coming weeks we will collect and publish campaign plans and templates that have been used to elect Democrats across the country. We'll share best practices and provide the blueprints of successful political campaigns. We're here to help anyone that wants to begin building a campaign — but don't wait for us or anyone else to get started. Get involved now:

If you've ever thought about running for office or know someone who should:

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